One thought on “Arnaldo Pomodoro

  1. Tilman Roese says:

    dear Mr. Arnoldo Pomodoro,
    I thought of your phantastic spheares and was in a dream about them, beneeth I spectated a documentery on screen years before, while you did one of these, and I asked myselfe. “…is that also to create in a hollow way, so that weight would be a half of it – excuse me, perhaps its done so, – if so, how can it be done and how huge must a room be for filling in bronce”, – but this would be onely a technical question, which is not really worth for to be answered,,,_ more than that had been my rememberings of this imposing objects. …and I mean it by my heart; I also saw a fotographie of you on I-net, so when you were young and another nowadays; and even so I didn’t open a one, but saw them for a hush, i would like to ask you: “… did you ever met Oscar Niemeyer, if you know, what I mean – I, if I may say this love/like the both of you so very true and much (but no more in away than my parents and brother…!)and won’t be when I say so, not be in a way of adoration, but I am so much astonished your works for, that I couldn’t really pronounce, how much…what could I say more than that in a true shureley/ perhaps clumsy way

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